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Creativa Academy is
Reggio Emilia Inspired

What is the Reggio Emilia Approach & how do

we apply this philosophy in our beautiful school?

The name "Reggio Emilia" refers to a small city in northern Italy that has a long history of emphasizing early childhood achievement in education. Children are active protagonists in their growing processes.

The foundation of the Reggio Emilia method of teaching is the idea that each child is born with extraordinary potential and enters the school with a variety of skills that can be developed. The educational philosophy believes that children have the capacity to grow and that everyone of our children has individual rights.

At Creativa Academy we adapt the Reggio Emilia philosophy learning though art, play and each other. Using different materials in our curriculum such as recycled materials allows for the children to learn how to explore their creativity as well as teaching them about conserving our environment. 
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